Six Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn Swimming

Six Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn Swimming

It’s quite important for Singaporeans males to serve the army and swimming is one of the skills which are required. Besides, there are limitless advantages of swimming making it a must for your child to know how to swim now when still young. Below are my clearly stated reasons with full explanations:

1. Do it for their safety: The National Safe Kids Campaign once released an update that out of many other leading causes of death, drowning is the number two way child are known to encounter death nowadays, most importantly that child between the ages of one through 14. It goes without saying it that there are pools of water everywhere around us, even ordinary water in the bathtub can cause a child a danger. But if our kids are well taught by their swim coach or by us, the parents, they will know how to freestyle their ways with water even when we are not with them. We are all aware a child can play to any length, so there is no amount of watching over one can do as a parent that can cover all their activities throughout the day. Hence it’s imperative they are made to know how to swim now that they are young.

I will like to use my life as a case study. I started swimming when I was three, and the majority of my mates started same time I started swimming. Though a child may proof stubborn or show no interest in it, make sure you do all within your capacity to ensure they see it as a fun. Moreover, you can use motivational method to unconsciously make them like it; promise them gifts for completing a task on swimming and ensure you fulfill the promises. You will soon discover how fast and responsive your child will be to the swimming techniques and pieces of training.

2. It’s a mild sport: You have no reason to worry much about the safety of your child while doing their swimming training. I know you love them more than anything in this world. Swimming is an apparently a low-impact sport as it’s performed in water. When in the water, the human body is ninety percent of the float to the neck, so that makes it impossible for the body to hit or even touch the ground as a result of the body weight said the Bucknell University. The icing on the cake for swimmers is that it helps enhance the well-being of the body in general.

In swimming, you can be injured yet use the healthy part to swim, but the injured part must be secured from water or rested. The most habitual swimming wounds are from overuse, depicting that swimming is apparently easy on the body as opposed to serious injuries such as a joint fracture from jumping or running.
Note: My explanation of mild injuries from swimming doesn’t cover dry land training, where frequently swimmers are more possibly to wound themselves.

3. It improves socialization: Generally, some people find working with others difficult. They don’t know how to manage people around them, probably because they weren’t exposed much to people when they were young or they were exposed to people erroneously. The fact is this, in swimming; you naturally learn how to socialise with others, and how you can use others to your advantage. College athletes are often fond of saying they don’t feel like departing from their teammates after graduation. Why would they feel this way? The answer is this; they do because each and every member of that team had benefited from another team member directly or indirectly during their training periods. However, making your child start learning how to swim early in life will get them fully prepared them socially and psychologically.

4. Time management: Another valuable skill your child tends to acquire is ‘time management’. You may be having this thought running through your mind,’ they are still young, do I need all of this?’ well, the answer is, you need all of that for the success of your child. With this skill, your child will naturally learn how to manage and split their time, and to reasonably order what needs to be completed first, second, and last. In their academic pursuit, I can bet this with you, it will reflect, and this will make them outstanding in classes. Such child ingrained with this valuable skill is the type that quickly comes up with new inventions because their brains are adequately explored at each stage of their life. They are the kind of children that disturb their parents less, and they are safe to handle some situations we less expect they would be able to handle.

5. Swimming a perfect workout: Swimming is a sport that requires the movement of countless muscle members in a high-force state, cardio exercise. However, the different stroke in swimming helps to exercise all kinds of muscle members naturally. Most of the time, young child and adults do take up swimming to burn some fats. Frankly, swimming helps in burning calories fast, and it ‘s not hard for the overweight folks picking it up as a result of its low-impact. Besides, familiarising your child with swimming at their tender age can help with serious disease and psychological health. As stated by the CDC that,” “Parents of a child with developmental disabilities find that recreational activities, such as swimming, improve family connections.” There is a hormone secreted inside the brain, and it is called endorphins. It is usually released while swimming and it can help to reduce depression and other related problems.

6. Swimming is a lifelong skill: Swimming is such a great and interesting skill that if our child should master it at a young age, it will forever live with them. In their subsequent years, their life span and value of life will be highly developed by swimming. Here, according to the CDC doing water exercise can severely reduce disability and helps in the value of life in older adults. As swimming is a low-impact sport, for this reason alone, adults are recommended to it instead of going for high-risk prone exercises such as biking and running. When we do swimming, our joints are well exercised to make us feel better and to enhance our state of mind positively at the same time.

It’s important that all a child acquire the skill of swimming, particularly to be safe with water. Moreover, there are different kinds of degrees of swimming and their attendant advantages. Familiarise your child to swimming at their young age to acquire the skill for their entire life. With this, their overall physical and psychological health can be improved. Expectantly, they will derive incredible interest in the sport and take it on for years.

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