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"Let Your Kids Learn Swimming and Water Survival Skills"

Singapore is surrounded by sea and swimming pools are easily available. Whether you are going for a beach outing or preparing to enter national service, the ability to swim will always come in handy. Why not let your kids pick up swimming? It is not only an essential life skill, but a good sport that exercise every part of your body muscles, build endurance and shape character.

SGSWIMKIDS’s key strength is in training kids from all age groups, skill levels and learning abilities to be good swimmers. Our experienced and knowledgeable swimming coaches are well qualified and have several years of experience training kids. We love kids and we know how to motivate them to learn in a fun and enjoyable way. Your kids will love every session of our training and be self-motivated to come for lessons. Apart from the technical skills in swimming, we will train them how to socialize, be competitive and yet maintain good sportsmanship. We are available to teach at most public and private pools. Contact us today for a private or group lessons!

Why SGSwim Kids?

Qualified Instructors

All our swimming instructors are certified swimming coaches whom we carefully select to make sure that they have the patience and right attitudes to teach swimming. No matter what is your current swimming skill level and learning ability, our instructors are able to structure the right training program suitable for you.

Priority on Safety

Swimming is a fun sports, but the danger of drowning is real. Even those who know how to swim can drown, if the right care and precaution is not taken seriously. At SGSWIMKIDS, we view safety as our number 1 priority. While we want to make our lesson fun and exciting, but when it comes to safety, nothing should compromise it. We knew fully our responsibility when parents entrust their kids to us for swimming lesson. Our coach to student ratio is always kept to a manageable number. Leaners are only asked to swim in deep water under close supervision when we are certain they have acquired the skill to stay afloat and handle deep water swimming. In the unlikely event of an emergency, our coaches are trained in first aid to attend to such situation.

Fun And Enjoyable

Do you need you drag your kid for swimming classes? At SGSWIMKIDS, you can be rest assured that your kids will enjoy every lesson that we conduct. We make it fun, competitive and importantly, we impart good swimming skills and sportsmanship. Your kids will learn fast in an environment with clear expectations and they can really get into swimming when they know exactly what they should be doing. We include a variety of swimming aids, training tools to systematically train your kids without instilling fear.

"What Kids want in a Swimming Coach?"

Most kids would want a coach who can impart them the skill of swimming, without putting too much pressure on them to learn and perform. If the coach can be friendly and fun, that to them will be an added advantage. SGSWIMKIDS has been coaching kids for more than 5 years and we knew exactly what motivate them and how to keep their interests in swimming going. While we emphasize on learning, we would always make the process fun and enjoyable. We believe that to make the kids enjoy the learning process is the most effective way to impart them the right swimming skills.